On Demand Webinar

Collaborative customer/supplier relationships are key in a market where one dollar can mean the difference between winning a project or losing it. Strong partnerships built on trust can give both parties the time and space to innovate, for themselves and each other – a true win-win!

Join our webinar to learn how to:

  • Win more business by responding faster and with more certainty.
  • Become more strategic by using aPriori Design for Manufacturability capabilities to help customers improve designs and reduce manufacturing cost.
  • Create more consistent cost estimates across your cost estimating/business development team (by using the same cost models every time).
  • Reduce or eliminate the time waiting on your RFQ responses from your suppliers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from a peer in the supplier of components for the recreational vehicle market, who will share how aPriori has not only dramatically decreased their time to quote, but also fostered strong relationships with their customers.

What our customers are saying:

Now that we know we can turn around RFQs in less than one-third of the time, we are able to further focus on creativity - the crucial element of design and innovation.

When our customers are in a time crunch, they know they can call us and get a quote from us faster than any of our competitors.

We use the extra time we save by using aPriori to review our customer's designs to see if we can reduce costs for them even further. By giving those recommendations to our customers, we’re able to pass the savings along and become a trusted partner in their success.

With aPriori, we know we are giving our customers the most accurate price available and that our process efficiency is nearly perfect. As it stands, our average accuracy of difference between price quoted and actual supplier price is +/- 3 percent! In a market where one dollar can mean the difference between getting a project or losing it, that accuracy is invaluable.

Implementing aPriori has done so much more than just reduced our pricing process; we now have the time and space to innovate, both for ourselves and for our customers. It has done wonders for our relationship with our Chinese producers.They’re no longer receiving three to four requests for quotes per project, which reduces their own costs and minimizes the risk of mistakes.